Sunday, December 16, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year has been a great year, especially with our netbooks. When I first got it I did not know anything about it. But now, I know a lot more about our netbooks. Netbooks have been really helpful with my learning in many ways. But at the same time it makes learning really fun everyday I go onto it. My netbook is a big change to my learning, a really big change.

I think netbooks are better than Pencil and Paper because it makes learning fun. Also its easier to delete mistakes, and if I spell a word wrong it is easier to correct it. It keeps all my work neat and tidy no matter how much I have. There are just too many reasons why netbooks are better. So we are all lucky to have these netbooks, but its not just our school that are lucky, there are six other schools as well.

It sounds like there are no problems with our netbooks right?. But there are some problems, like the hinges of the netbook, they are really weak one of mine has come off but still sits in its place. Also the screen quality is very vulnerable, and has no protection whatsoever. The pages that come up before you login takes time that we really need for our learning.

Overall this year has been a great year with our netbooks. A big thanks to the manaiakalani trust for everything you’ve all gone through to get our netbooks, I really appreciate it. This year has been really fun, I hope next year is even better!

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