Thursday, June 23, 2011

Our bombed tables

We have three tables that used to look ordinary until, Larsen Tito-Taylor, and some of his friends put some Graffiti on them. But first we had to decide which words, and colours he was going to put on them. So we decided what he was going to put on them by using a class survey, on a google form, using our net books. So the words that we used were, Learn, Create , and Share on the tables. And to use the colours Purple, and yellow. We finally got our bombed tables back, and the tables look really cool. He is also know as dj Ghosrok. If you want to buy some of his Dj songs go to:

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The chihuahua and the toddler

Frighteningly trembling the chihuahua said The I'm scared of the ghost."
The adorable toddler scribbled on the wall while saying " Go ga ga ga."

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My fear

Stuck on the wall like glue, I fearfully climbed up the rocks. I was breathless on the way up, as I was high from the ground. Gasping for air, I was just about to let go, when I suddenly realised, I was almost at the top. My foot slipped and I fell.”Ahhhh” I shouted as I dropped to the ground.

Adding detail to sentences

A baby invented the space ship in his sleep
Albert Einstein invented a space ship well eating
Batman and superman invented the space ship while fighting the green goblin

Today we had to make 3 sentences using the words invented the space ship, we had to add detail to those words and we did, it was fun but took long.