Monday, July 16, 2012

Immersion Assembly

On a cold winter day, school started again. It is term three, and our topic is ‘Go For Gold’. Every time a new term starts, we have an Immersion Assembly. Go For Gold, is mostly about the Olympics, and the most famous people that attended it. Immersion Assembly’s show movies, Or Acting about what will happen this term. I think this term is going to be awesome.

As we strolled into the hall the cold air hit me and then I was freezing. We sat down and watched movies, the first movie was team 1’s. It was about two Olympic legends, they were Yvonne Williams, And Dick Quax. Mrs George interviewed them at their houses. It had lots of talking in it, the cool thing was Mrs George wore Dick Quax silver medal.

Team 2 had a movie playing about the three keys to be an Olympian. The three keys were practice, practice, practice. When I look around everyone looked bored. I kind of got what their example for us were. Practice, practice, practice makes us perfect. Is what I thought their example was.