Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Camp Bentzon Funny Story

It was going to be a big day of activities, we started the day with a run through the bushes. Then came back had some free time and then had breakfast. We had some more free time after that, our first activity of the day came up it was Burma Trail. Burma Trail is where you are blindfolded and follow a rope. You also have a partner to instruct you on the way. It was fun.

Walking back from the Burma Trail we were all having lots of fun, but not that I knew something really awesome was about to come my way. Coming down was slippery because it was spitting rain. When we got to the bottom I saw Antonio behind a tree. “Come Robert” Antonio continued “ Lets hide from Mrs V”. So Me and Antonio Hid behind the tree, but we were found because one of the other kids told. There were lots of bumps on the ground, but I still ran across it. It did not turn out well, I did a barrel roll, Side-flip, Ninja thing. Whoever saw me laughed except for one person. It was Mrs V.

So don’t run over grounds with lots of bumps on it, but if you want to have a go then ,do it.

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