Monday, October 29, 2012

The Day My Toy Came Alive

A long hot day went past, and a big night sleep came. I tucked myself into bed as the moonlight shone upon me. The moons brighter than usual I thought in my head, but why? Just then I heard something behind my back, I looked and something crawled out of my toy-box. “Who's there?” I shouted in fear.

“I'm Woody,” my toy said. “Buh-Buh But it can’t be, you're a ttt-toy,” I mumbled. “Well, do you know why the moons so bright?” He asked “No,” I said. “Its so bright because you made a wish when you were 5. You wished that you’re toy, that would be me, would come alive someday, and your wish has come true!” He said. “Wow, I can’t believe my eyes,” I replied with a surprising tone. “Lets Play,” he said.

We played lots of things, like video games, his favorite was Toy Story 3. We watched movies, played board games and had lots of fun. We got really hungry so we ordered some pizza, and watched some more movies, the best was Toy Story.

All the fun sadly had to come to an end. “Goodbye my friend,” Woody said. “Will I ever see you again?” I asked with a sad tone. “Five more years and we will meet again. Goodbye!” Woody cried. “See you again in five years!”. So from then on I waited and waited, until that magical night would come again!

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  1. Hey Robert I really like your story about when your toy came alive. I really like the picture, it would of been better if you drew the picture. Keep it up.

    Kind Regards Uili


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