Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Progress

This is my progress for Study Ladder, Maths Whizz, and Xtramath for week 8.

Monday, May 14, 2012


I could not wait for this moment, this moment was when we went swimming.  We are swimming at the Glen Innes aquatics center. I could not wait to swim, so I rushed getting changed and speed walked to the benches by the pool. First we had to see what groups we were in.

So we swam normally in pairs, me and my friend Neo were swimming, I was in group number one and he was in group 2. There are three groups, one and two were in the small pool and group three were in the deeper pool.

Art Alive

Art is so cool! There are loads of art types like 3d Sidewalk Art, which is my favorite type of art, Sculpture Art, Spray Paint Art, Or even normal painting. I like 3D sidewalk art because it looks so real. Some are even scary because you look like you'll fall in it! I wonder how long it takes to paint these amazing art works? It must take hours of work. I want to make a 3D sidewalk art when I grow up, it is awesome!