Friday, March 23, 2012

Captain Krabby Patties

"Arrrr me harty!!!” I am Captain Krabby Patties, I Love burgers especially the ones Spongebob Squarepants makes. He named it after me ‘Krabby Patties’. My favourite basketball team is the Toronto Raptors they are AWESOME!!. I have hundreds of men working for me. I’m about to sail the sixth sea. I have a beard, a little mustache, my hair is a little bit long, and my ship is really big. My arch enemy, Captain NoSwagg has tried to attack my ship millions of times, with his evil sidekick Lieutenant underpants. We have had over one hundred battles, and I have won most of them. My ship is the best because I have lots of new things, it's like a speedboat but bigger, it has lots of food on board, and much more like computers. It also runs on diesel so I have to fill it up before we leave.

“Lets head out” I shouted to my scallywags, ‘2 year later’ we were sailing through the seventh sea, something hit the boat. I told one of my men to see what it was,”AHHH, Its a giant Octopus” He screamed. “Nothing to worry about” I said, as I drew out my flaming sword, as I walked to look down, boom the octopus hit my ship again. So I just sped in my boat like the fastest car in the world, Just before we got to the island our boat ran out of diesel, so we had to swim away to the island. Swimming to the island I heard something splashing behind, I turned around and the octopus was back so we swam as fast as we could.

‘15 minutes later’ Finally we got to the island, “X marks the spot” I said. We searched and searched but couldn’t find anything. “Let's sleep here scallywags” I shouted to my men. Waking up to birds to screeching, we walked back through the forest. “What's that” i said, “We don’t know” my men said when we started walking, a bull came out charging to us as we ran the bull suddenly disappeared. “There!!” One of my men yelled. As we dug up the spot I found.... Nothing. “Nooooo” I shouted, my men had a look on google maps, “Were on the wrong island” my men continued “Its over there”.

Camp Presentation

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dr Ben Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson he is a very famous man, his family was very poor when he was little. He also had a anger problem, so he would get very angry at the littlest things. One time he got so angry that he was going to hit his mom with a hammer, luckily his brother took it off him before it hit her. “How do I know this?”

I know this because he talked to us about it at TelstraClear Event Centre. He was very inspiring, he taught Me too follow My dreams, make the right choices and never give up. He also knows allot of things about the human body, he told us the brain does lots of things in one go just too put your arm up. I think lots of people are inspired by him.

Dr. Ben Carson is famous for knowing how to split Siamese twins. Siamese twins are two people that are joined by the back of their heads, so that means they're facing in the opposite direction. I feel really sorry for them thankfully, Dr Ben Carson operated on the twins 70 people had to be in a small room. The operation took 22 hours WOW!!!