Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Holidays

Avatar:The Game Ps3

  In the holidays I stayed home and did nothing, it was pretty boring. The thing I did the most was play my Play-Station 3 and watch TV. So it wasn't that boring.  

On my Play-Station played Avatar in the holidays its kind of cool, at one point it lets you pick if you are going to fight for the Na'vi (The Big Blue People) or the Humans. I chose to be a Na'vi, its annoying because the humans are hard to see and there are too many of them in battle.

I also played Infamous, in Infamous you play Cole MacGrath he survived a big explosion. From that explosion he gains powers, and over the years he learns more and more about them. You can choose to be bad or good.

My cousins came over and made a big mess in my room, and annoyed me all day long. So that day was so frustrating. But in the end the holidays wasn't that boring. I had lots of fun during the holidays, I hope you did or do.              

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