Monday, May 2, 2011

Straw towers

Today we had a challenge, it was making straw towers, the group with the the tallest tower won the challenge. our teacher got the idea from a video that came from a school in America, the only materials we were aloud to use was, 75 straws, and a roll of tape. Room 13 also did it to introduce us to our new topic for the term”Bigger better faster stronger”.

We split up into groups, and started making our straw towers. Me and my Friends grouped up to make a straw tower, we had lots of ideas, and we kept on moving from the table to the ground, but stayed on the table. Our plan was to start off with a foundation to keep it stable.

But we had a problem, we were running out of time and we were not finished.But in the end me and my groups tower was the tallest out of them all, and we came 1st place, so we took a photo of us with our creation.

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